A long time ago it was a dream of extracting power through the sun. But now it has become a reality. You will come across hundreds of solar panels placed over the rooftops of buildings and houses around the world. Some people aren’t sure how these powerful solar panels work and how sun rays are converted into electricity. In this article, we are going to explain how solar lights work.

Layers Of Crystalline Silicon

The main phenomenon through solar lights work is the photovoltaic effect. A solar light consists of solar cells that are often seen or spotted as a dark circle on the solar light. The solar cells are responsible for transforming the sunrays into electrical currents. Each solar cell is filled up with numerous layers of crystalline silicon and chemicals.

The main purpose of these multiple layers is to create positive and negatively-charged electron cell spaces. These ‘multiple layers are present over each solar cell.

When light passes through each solar cell it excites and pumps up the negatively charged electrons and forces them to attract positively charged spaces. The positively charged spaces allow the flow of current to pass easily through the wires that are incorporated within the battery of each solar cell. This way the solar cells charge excessive current within their battery system throughout sunlight.

Climatic Variation

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