Solectic Smart Energy Inverter

A combination of a solar and battery hybrid inverter with embedded intelligent energy and storage management software and a Smart Energy Console

Solectic Smart Energy Storage

A wall or floor mounted battery pack that comes in a range of storage sizes depending on your requirements

Solar Panels

Solectic’s Smart Solar System uses high efficiency solar photo-voltaic (PV) polycrystalline panels from leading global providers. These solar panels have high conversion efficiencies, designed for easy installation and handling by our in-house installation team. Our solar panels are inclusive in our customized Smart Solar System packages making it the most convenient option.

We provide the best solar panels in Pakistan, which are also highly rated for fire safety. Solectic guarantees the performance of all installed systems

Solectic SmartFlow ™ Artificial Intelligence

SmartFlow is Solectic’s intelligent energy management software that controls every aspect of your Smart Solar System

Solectic 24/7 Network Operations Center

Remote monitoring & maintenance of all Systems and Private
Enterprise NOC for Businesses

Solectic Smartphone App

You can keep an eye on your Smart Solar
System on the go… no matter where you are!